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brydie dyson

Brydie Dyson and MINE
"I am an artist who focuses on installation, illustration and fibre/paper art. I have a consistent habit of constructing from materials around me, or strange ideas, necklaces. I also manage a beautiful workplace called MINE. MINE is an ethical and creative space that harbours the passions of crafters, artists and designers who create well-made children's goods. The space functions for opportunities in both the retailing and exhibiting of handmade works."



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Review, commentary & discussion for the beard enthusiast. Up the beard ratio!

Michael Buchino runs Beard Revue, a web logbook committed to the review, commentary & discussion for the beard enthusiast. Besides beardcraft, his passions include graphic design, music commonly associated with a hipsters, indoor soccer, Granadian shawarma and the University of Louisville men's basketball program among other things.


Best Moustaches in Baseball

The Best Moustaches in Baseball.

Without question, Rollie Fingers was the hands down favourite - even the results from the online poll here at The Blue Jay Hunter mirror the same thoughts, with a current landslide lead with 41 percent of all votes.

But just in case you want to sport a ‘stache just like Fingers, check out this article that breaks down how he achieves his infamous moustache. Apparently it involves something called “moustache wax”, which I never even knew existed. Maybe that would make a great holiday gift for the furry friend on your list.

Rollie Fingers’ moustache itself should be entered into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Give credit to a guy who wears his moustache proud at the age of 62. I'd like to see Tom Selleck try that.

Oh wait ... Sellick is 63. Nevermind.

World Beard and Moustache Championships 2009

June 2009
World Beard and Moustache Championships
June 29th 2009 02:22
Beard and mustache championships.

Contestants line up at the World Beard and Moustache Championships, which was held on Saturday 14 June in Anchorage, Alaska.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships is a competition held every two years where men with beards and moustaches display lengthy, highly-styled facial hair.

The 2009 competition was recently held in Anchorage, Alaska. 300 men took part.
Pictures and captions sourced from the Daily Telegraph.

There were 18 categories at the 2009 event, divided into three sections.

moustache championships
Ted Stedman: Winner of the Fu Manchu category


* Natural Moustache- maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip (may be styled but without aids)
* English- slender, hairs extremely long and pulled to the side

* Dali- slender with long tips, straight up or arching up
* Imperial Moustache- small and bushy with tips arching up
* Hungarian- big and bushy, beginning from the middle of the upper lip and pulled to the side
* Freestyle- All moustaches that do not match other classes

The Imperial Partial Beard category: Second: Udo Fritzsche of Germany; first: Karl-Heinz Hille, also of Germany; third: Mark Voermans of Belgium

Partial Beard

* Natural Goatee- facial hair grown only on chin, upper and lower lip (may be styled but without aids)
* Chinese- chin shaved with moustache tips long and pulled down
* Musketeer- moustache long and slender, beard small and pointed
* Imperial- hair to be grown only on cheeks and upper lip
* Sideburns Freestyle- all other sideburns with shaved chin
* Partial Beard Freestyle- all partial beards not matching other classes

freestyle beards

The top three in the Freestyle Beard category: third: Hans-Peter Weis of Germany; second: Gerhard Knapp, also of Germany; first: David Traver, Anchorage

Full Beard

* Verdi- short and round, length not to exceed 10 cm
* Garibaldi- broad, full and round, length not to exceed 20 cm
* Natural Full Beard- as grown, no aids allowed
* Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache- as grown, only moustache can be styled with aids
* Full Beard Freestyle- full beards not matching other classes

full natural beard competition
Jack Passion, winner of the Full Natural Beard


Asger carslen

Asger carslen very much loved photofgrapher, watch his other stuff in his web


Simpsons Hair Maschine!

los simpsons tienen una machine que te hace las trenzas


Mudchicken art

and french youngbrun

lorenzo, fernando and humberto

Lorenzo Fonda

Fernando and Humberto for EDRA

amie dicke

New Faschion talent

Laura Mackness out from CSM london

..this is her image on facebook

bearded goddess heart


very practical web for men and hairy problem,
all about hair men styles, beards and tips from barbers